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WARNING: This design appears to be potentially dangerous. Utmost care should be taken, and ideally professional advice sought, before attempting to construct this item. Moderator (RW)


I made this module as a bolt on (shield) to RPI B+

Don't know how to edit this wiki so, bear with me before I get this under control.

I logged my energy before via an optical sensor to the meter supplied by the power company , but wanted to see this now on a phase level, that's why I developed this. The Optical sensor giving kWh aggregated will be kept for calibration and aggregated power. I log every minute to an mysql server and via another program I can draw curves for any period of time I have collected data for. This includes also a lot of other parameters like temperature etc.

It's using the Analog Devices ADE7878A for Polyphase Multifunction Energy Metering.

ADE7878A datasheet

Schematic File:ADE7878A rpi.pdf